October 23, 2013

Last weekend was a perfect fall weekend.  Saturday afternoon I drove around to find pine trees so I could try this awesome ombre pine cone DIY from WhimZeeCal

Hooray for more fall decor!  I love how they turned out!

These were tiny pine cones so I only did three shades of paint.  And it took a while because they were so tiny, but I had plenty of time to kill while watching the finale of Project Runway.

Monday, unfortunately, I had no internet, but the lack of distraction forced me to be productive in other ways.  So I gritted my teeth and threw a sketch into Photoshop to try and make peace with computer art.  And even though I had no idea what I was doing, I had fun with it and the end result wasn't horrible.

Except for the hands...I couldn't get the hands right in either drawing, haha.

This is the original drawing I did with pen and watercolor.

And this is how it turned out after being tortured in Photoshop for a while, ha.

My favorite Youtube-r right now is Rhiannon Ashlee; she has a fashion blog and is British and I could literally listen to her talk all day.  She is so bubbly and adorable and I love all her videos.  She is doing Vlogtober where she posts a video every day; her life makes me want to go live in London.

Tuesday, all those emails I sent paid off when someone from Emploie New York emailed me about doing some very simple sketches of 18 different dresses for their line sheet!

I was pretty scared/excited, especially when she said she needed them by Tuesday night, but I agreed to do it, and voila, my first freelance project.  It took waaaaayy longer than I expected to do such simple sketches, especially when most of them were patterned and I had a lot of help from my guy.  Not much to look at, but a cool addition to my resume and getting experience like that was exciting!

And of course, I had lots of help from Pooky!