October 16, 2013

I've never kept a blog before, but I've always loved journaling and I like the idea of having a little record of thoughts, projects, recipes, travels,  with pictures and whatever I manage to include.  Since this is my first time blogging, I am certain my blog style will change, but I just turned 24 and I am still trying to figure out my life and so this seemed like a good year to blog.
Currently I am jobless.  I quit my job at the foundry to go on a trip to Japan and now I really want to either figure out a career in fashion illustration or travel abroad doing volunteer work with midwifery.  But being jobless is ridiculously stressful.  It is hard to remember to little things like work out, or read a book when you are completely focused on one objective.
But this is my life and it is going to be the year, the year that I figure things out.
Starting with how to keep a blog...