October 17, 2013

Yesterday afternoon I went to Starbucks and worked on finding lists of fashion designers who even use illustrators and I didn't really know how to go about getting your work out there, and one article just suggested sending a link to your website to various fashion magazines, fashion houses, etc.  So I spent a few hours sending out emails to as many of those as I could find and one of them wrote me back and said they didn't need any artists at the moment, but that I should try getting in with a representative who could show my art and connect me with various people who need illustration.  Seemed like a good idea, so this morning I found an enormous list of art places that represent artists, specifically illustrators, and I emailed an artist submission to almost every single one of them that had a decent website.  So that was exciting. Even if nothing comes of it, it feels good to be doing something proactive at least. 

Randomly I read two articles on good morning habits today to start doing to get your day off more productively, which I definitely need...I haven't been getting up and dressed til like 9, which is terrible.  I got one from my dad and another was from a blog called, Girls With Glasses (http://thegirlswithglasses.com/index.php/5-morning-habits-for-happier-day/). 
Must be a sign.

1. Make your bed
2. No screens for the first hour
3. Eat an apple
4. Go for a walk
5. Write it down: just quickly journal some of the stresses, thoughts, dreams, to do lists that are in your head as soon as you get up
6. Make your day top heavy: do the things you are dreading the most first
7. Map out your day

The blog also suggested a book called The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron which is about creativity and staying creative.  So I added it to my books-to-look-for list, along with A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Miller.

I have been seriously loving autumn and the colors and fall decor and I finally finished my paper mache pumpkins and painted them a glorious coppery gold.  I color blocked the real pumpkins we bought at Walmart and they are pretty cute.  I cut funky stripes into one of them.  It is on the front step and we light it up every night with a pumpkin scented candle :)

For dinner I made Thai Chicken in Coconut soup, which turned out pretty good, although I wasn't thrilled with the presentation: egg noodles in white soup with chicken.  Definitely need to throw some cilantro on top next time.

Recipe: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/thai-chicken-and-coconut-soup-with-noodles