November 12, 2013

Finally Fauxidermy

Ever since I saw a little paper mache pug at Anthropologie, I have been drooling over fauxidermy.

I finally got up the courage to try a diy one, but I decided to start with a tiny one because I was terrified of it turning out looking something like an aardvark or a deformed bull.

I wanted something that looked like this head, but after starting on the project, I realized that I was better off going with a more rustic looking head until I can afford a "real" faux head.

So, I took this head from Anthropologie as inspiration.  

I decided to use a cardboard template to get the basic shape correct since I have very little faith in my sculpting skills.   These cardboard cutouts are very cool looking and I considered just leaving it as a skeleton, but I decided to just use it as a base and cover it with clay.

So, I cut out this paper template for the deer head, making sure it was small enough to fit in the tiny frame I got at Target.

Then I put it together with little wads of tape to hold the pieces sturdy.

And covered the whole thing with more masking tape.

Then I failed to take more pictures, but I covered the whole thing with air-dry clay, and after a bit of struggling with the antlers, I decided to go the twig route, which I thought fit with the rustic look of the clay.  I loved that the little frame I bought had a magnet on the back, so I could easily hang him on my fridge and admire his slightly crooked face.  Obviously, not quite as glamorous as the ones you can buy, but I thought he turned out kind of cute.