November 13, 2013

Hot Pink

Is it odd to be excited about being thrown out of your comfort zone?  I have settled on going to Tanzania from GapMedics for my midwifery volunteer project and I am equal parts terrified and thrilled.  I think the more you travel, the more you understand that feeling.  When you have survived outside of your comfort zone, you start missing the uncomfortable feeling of dealing with the unknown.  I am not a lover of routine and schedules.  I miss the uncertainty of not knowing a language, a city, a culture. 
The Tanzania project will most definitely throw me far out of my comfort zone and I am excited about 60-90 births a week and the possibility of seeing a lot of surgeries.  I found out that Doctors Without Borders works with midwifes, which got me really excited about being able to have a skill that I could really use to go out and help women.  But even if I spend four weeks in Tanzania gritting my teeth and cringing, at least I gave it a shot.   Be allowed to fail will be my motto this year.  Maybe it won't work out, but if you don't try anything, you'll never know.

And here is today's little watercolor sketch.