November 5, 2013

I cannot believe it is November already.  This year has literally flown by and I am nervous about how little I have to show for it.  But I am pursuing the midwife program and I am excited about the possibilities that could come with having a skill like that.

This weekend I did a little bit of thrifting, which was fun, even though I didn't find any treasures.  I did however, come across an old "Fun with Dick and Jane" book, which was left open to this page.
I literally laughed for ten minutes straight...something about naming your cat Puff just had me in hysterics.  I legitimately want to make a print of this page and hang it on my would make me smile every single time.

A few weeks ago I saw these books on Restoration Hardware and absolutely loved them.  Of course these are handmade paper and antique twine and will run you about $150.  

However, I was lucky enough to find the discard bin at the unversity library and get some classy old hardback books which I covered in a linen-like material to get approximately the same look...only for about $2.  True, they are lacking the handmade, blank paper pages, but who wouldn't want to read about the Vertebrate Sexual Cycles??  

My other project was a globe topiary that I saw in Hobby Lobby for $60.  I bought some foam balls, a glass knob for $1 and found an atlas at Goodwill for $2.  I put a chopstick through all three globes to hold them somewhat sturdy and glued them onto a glass candlestick.   I am still not entirely sure it the whole thing is straight since I pretty much eyeballed the knob on top.

Safeway has started carrying this brand of kombucha from Portland, Oregon!  

Apparently this fall, M&Ms came out with pumpkin spice flavor!  I was excited to try them but then found out Target was the only place selling them so of course they sold out instantly and were nowhere to be found.  I thought for sure I was going to go through the entire season never having tried pumpkin spice M&Ms...but Amazon to the rescue!  They kind of taste like the way those holiday pinecones smell...cinnamon and cloves, but very lightly spiced. 

And lastly, here is Monday's sketch.  A girl in a beanie with pink ombre hair.  
I love drawing knits.