November 10, 2013

This morning as I was researching various jobs and school options in the ever-overwhelming world of "thinking-outside-the-box" and escaping the rat race, I came across an article on Matador Network titled: Why you should go into freelancing vs. a desk job that seemed to express exactly what I am going through!

The introduction begins: "If you grew up in a middle-class home like I did, a college degree was more like an expectation than an achievement, and thereafter some kind of stable career was thought to ensue like a magical byproduct.Now there’s a whole market for creative types, homebodies, tech people, entrepreneurs, working moms, and otherwise career-defiant workers to make a life and income for themselves outside of traditional brick-and-mortar workplaces. People like me have come to realize the new cubicle is the Goodwill desk with chipped corners in a spare bedroom, that now sites like oDesk and Fiverr are materializing the dream of sustaining yourself on your own interests, that a career can simply be a composite of various jobs. We’re the generation of neo-hippies and trendy DIY-ing, the generation of really abstract Levis commercials that talk about our generation, the generation of getting a Harvard degree and then making a website for people to post pictures of their lunch on, the generation that won’t work in an office without a beer fridge and ping-pong table in it. We might regret not having retirement when we’re 70, but we’re also the generation that plans to die before it gets that far.
And if we regret it, we’ll just continue the cycle as our kids defy everything we believed in."

I love it.  It is so true and exactly what I have been thinking these past couple months as I stumble around trying to find my "purpose."