February 4, 2014

Top Five Yoga Apps for iPad

I am probably the most inflexible person ever...I cannot even bend over and touch my toes.  So this year, I made a resolution to do more stretching and more yoga.  I decided to download every free yoga app onto my iPad and see which ones I liked best.  Since I know nothing about yoga, I wanted one that put together a whole routine for me, rather than just a list of positions.
1. Popsugar:  This is my new favorite workout/yoga app because of the variety of workout options; there is a constant release of new workouts so you never get bored.  There are videos with real trainers as well as photo slideshows.  I love the option to download each workout to your iPad and you can even schedule it into your calendar right from the app so you never miss a workout again. 

 2. Daily Yoga: I was a little disappointed how few routines the free app offered.  You have to download each session, rather than watch it directly on the app.  There is a 12 day beginner tour option with scheduled routines every day, which looked fun.  I liked that there is an actual person doing the workout, because it can be frustrating to try figuring out the proper position while balancing on one foot.

3. Sworkit: Not technically a yoga app, but for general working out, it is a great option.  I love that you don't need wifi and you can choose the length of your workout, from five to sixty minutes if you are feeling especially zen.  There is an option to select your favorite stretches and create your own workout.  The sessions are illustrated, rather than an actual person, however, there is a an option to watch a little video for each pose if you need help.

4. Workout Trainer: This is another workout app that has a really good yoga section.  You can choose the intensity of the workout, as well as the part of your body you want to stretch.  I like that it is a real person doing the poses and there is a little description for extra clarification.  There is also an option to have a "digital trainer" with audio instruction and timing cues.

5. Pilates and Basic Yoga for Beginners:  If you are looking for a quick routine, these ten minute routines are perfect.  Only the beginner's option is free, to get the advanced workout you will have to upgrade to pro for $5.  There are no sessions, just lists of poses with video instruction, so unless you know each pose by heart, you'll have to keep going to your iPad to click to the next pose.