March 19, 2014

Rose Gold Geometric Studs

This is actually my second attempt to make these awesome geo studs and I love how they turned out! I had been seeing them all over Pinterest and Etsy, so I decided to try a DIY, but all the tutorials used polymer clay. 
And being a perfectionist, the more I worked with the clay, the softer and more mushy it got, until each of the sides had an imprint of my fingerprint clear enough to get me into prison. By the end, I had a dozen misshapen, lumps of clay and I decided it might be easier to just buy a pair. 
Then I found this awesome tutorial by Olive and Lavender where she uses an eraser to make a faceted ring. 
Brilliant! So I dug some rock hard erasers out of my art drawer and finally made these studs! I considered leaving them white, but the call of rose gold paint was too strong; I actually love the texture the paint makes them look like rough-carved rocks.