March 10, 2014

Weekend Photos: Bainbridge Island

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend with lots of rest and good food. I was lucky enough to be spend the afternoon out on Bainbridge Island and was completely charmed by the little town, the beautiful harbor, and the delicious food. Plus, I got to see some spring flowers, finally! It was such a relaxing and beautiful little town and anytime I get to be on the water, I am incredibly rejuvenated and re-inspired. Hopefully this week will bring good things and much productivity!
 Just the quaintest little cottage ever, Purple door! Instant love.
 A roasted turkey, fig, blue cheese sandwich at the Hitchcock Deli.
 Finally some spring florals!
Spent a solid hour perusing books and getting a "to-read" list a mile long at the Eagle Harbor Book Co. I loved that they had a wall of Staff Favorites, which brings out books you might not otherwise notice.
Jasmine tea at the completely charming Pegasus Coffee House.