April 10, 2014

Bookmarked: My Spring Reading List

Whenever I am traveling, I fly through books, but when I'm home I have a terrible time getting through my reading list. There is always something that seems more important or the sirens call of those awful tv/computer screens (mental slap on the wrist for giving in to Parks and Rec every single time).
However, I recently obtained a library card! The fact that I am as excited as I am about that, proves what a huge nerd I am. But I love libraries for the sole fact that I can read a real, physical book and not have to buy them all! For a broke bookworm, the library is a dream come true and I instantly celebrated by checking out more books than I could possibly read this month

Bellman and Black by Setterfield
I absolutely loved her first book, finished it in two days and then patiently waited three years for her to write a second book. Fingers crossed this one will be just as good.

Don't Worry, It Get's Worse by Nugent
I love the premise of this book. A twenty-something struggling to become a mature, functioning adult. Dark humor. Instantly relatable.

Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots by Soffer
a novel about two women who love to cook. I love reading food books...it inspires me to get in the kitchen and make huge, unidentifiable messes.

Londoners by Taylor
a non-fiction piece with little pieces about people who live and love the city of London. Since I will be living there for a year, I thought this could be a useful read.

Paris In Color by Robertson 
a beautiful photo book that I couldn't afford to buy at Anthropologie, but now can admire for free! Winning.

The Art of Travel by de Botton
 an old classic about the joys of travel, this book promises to talk about why we should travel and how we can become more fulfilled doing so.

Kitty bombing and bright spring colors. Happy day.