April 8, 2014

Chocolate Cake Kind of Week

I recently received my application for a Masters Degree in the Psychology of Fashion at a school in London.

And the first thing people say when you mention you are moving to London is, "Oh fabulous! Now I'll have a place to stay when we come visit!" Dates start flying around. "So we're going to be in France on February, but if not France, then we'll be in Ireland in November. Your cousin will be backpacking through Europe, now he can stay on your floor. What if we all come over for Christmas?" Your thoughts start wandering and you wonder whether your London apartment will turn into a rotating hostel room for every family friend who wants to live vicariously through you and your couch. 

Getting this acceptance means that now I will have three awkward months to fill. Just long enough that you have to pay bills and continue to feed yourself, but just short enough that no job will hire you, no matter how menial the work. Being a college graduation continually rejected from food service, nannying, and data entry work is the epitome of depression.

So, to counteract that depression I spent the last twenty bucks I had and made this chocolate cake: The Salted Caramel Ding Dong Cake

The moment I came across her recipe, I started lusting for this cake. And despite two failed attempts at making caramel and one half-failed attempt at whipping cream by hand, I ended up with a pretty amazing cake that did it's best to console my sense of self-worth.
Like everything in my life, this cake is a little bit messy, not terribly pretty in pictures, and didn't follow instructions perfectly. But it tasted amazing and I firmly believe that chocolate cake is just as good as therapy sometimes.