April 18, 2014

Grocery Shopping for Almost Adults.

Grocery shopping is never fun when:

You're hungry.
You're not hungry.
You have no money.
You don't have a menu.
You have no idea what's already lurking in your cupboards at home.

I usually end up buying a few things I think I probably "should" have in my cupboard like noodles and sauce, a vegetable to feel healthier, some lemonade because I like the bottle, and then a bunch of fancy ingredients for a recipe I saw in Pinterest that probably won't even turn out and ta-da! Just like that I've spent my weekly grocery money on a pile of random food that will probably only feed me for a day or two. When you first get out of college you are so excited because you finally get to eat whatever you want. But that quickly becomes less fun than you realized and your mom's well-stocked fridge becomes a distant memory that you have daydreams about.

I hate planning out meals for every week and so having no game plan makes purposeful grocery shopping incredibly difficult. But then The Every Girl posted The Only Grocery List You'll Ever Need and it actually looks like it could extremely helpful. It cuts back on excess spending, gives you quite a variety of meal options, and will definitely keep you eating healthy. Sometimes having fewer, more inspired ingredients is perfect for deliciously simple meals rather than forcing meals from items bought on a whim because it was that time of month and you really, really thought you wanted to eat a bag of edamame for a week.