May 9, 2014

It's Friday and I'm Inspired By...

these dog and people portraits by the talented artist Erin Fitzgerald. I love the bold paint strokes and color palettes she uses in her playful portraits.
these nanimo bars from Twigg Studios which look absolutely divine. I know it's spring and we're supposed to be eating lighter, healthier desserts...but just look at those!
this DIY from Sincerely Kinsey; apparently coffee scrubs are really good for you and I'm kind of on a DIY beauty product kick so I definitely want to give this a try!
that street. Is Poland really that gorgeous? I want desperately want to go to Eastern Europe!
this necklace from Anthropologie. So pretty.
this blogger, Joanna from Waterfall Creative. She does branding for small companies and I love her artistic aesthetic and pretty photography.
And then this evening I got to go to the grand opening of Moorea Seal's store in downtown Seattle! It was amazing! I loved everything there and it was so cool to be able to mingle with someone I've followed online. It was absolutely packed, I heard someone say there were 70 people there within the first 12 minutes. I'm so excited for her. It's incredibly inspiring to see young, artistic entrepreneurs. I read an article this week on Design Sponge where she talked about art director, stylist, and blogger Susan Brinson who recently left her corporate job to purse a "disciplinary career." She discusses several modern creatives who are unafraid of embracing their skills across many creative platforms, such as stylist, blogger, artist, self-published author, director, designer, baker, the list goes on and on. Gone are the days where you answered "What do you do?" with a one word answer. Go out and be what you want to be! Such an inspiring evening!