May 24, 2014

The Week in Photos

On Sunday there were kittens. Yes, it was irresponsible and selfish, but the kitty got pregnant and now there are four tiny black babies. They are very small and very hard to photograph.

On Monday I walked through Pike's Market to get some fresh basil. The stall I went to didn't take debit cards so the guy let me take the basil and told me to just come pay him whenever I had cash. I love those little moments when you are reminded there are still good people.
Tuesday I got mail from my best friend. I don't know how I got so lucky but somehow I managed to find the one other person in the world who enjoys buying stamps, writing silly notes, and putting them in the mail. There is something about a letter that is better than a text or an email and she sends the funniest notes.
Wednesday I finally tried Cookie Butter. I know I'm a little late on the band wagon with this one, but after hearing people rave about it, I finally got a jar and dipped chocolate biscuits into it. It is pretty wonderful! Although I'm still not sure how to eat it...a spoon seems to be the most delicious option currently.
On Thursday I tried this creamy pasta recipe and it was delicious, especially with the fresh basil. But it was also my first attempt ever at poaching an egg! And two out of three turned out pretty decent. Ironically, that is a better track record than my attempts to soft-boil eggs.
Friday I was inspired by these Rifle Paper journals and the array of peonies that are everywhere so I pulled out some paint and paper. I think this weekend I might try adding some color to these funky outlines. Wouldn't this look cool blown up to a huge statement-art size?
Moorea Seale has these cool weekly life lists and the one for this week is List Your Summer Goals. I think I am going to start a list this week and see what I can accomplish between now and when I leave at the end of August.