May 5, 2014

Weekend Reading: Three Beautiful Cookbooks

I judge books by their cover. The prettier the cover, the more excited I get about the book and I prefer cookbooks with huge, glossy photos. This weekend I got to sit down with some of the prettiest, most unique cookbooks I've found yet.

The first one is called Whole Larder Love by Rohan Anderson. I had never read his blog but I immediately tracked it down because I loved his down-to-earth writing and simple take on the preparation of food...and of course the "hand-written" fonts and gorgeous food photography. Even though some of his recipes were a bit too rugged for me, Sneaky Eel dip, Garden Snail Paella), I loved his no nonsense approach to eating whole foods.
"I think the simple life, as an alternative, is so appealing for many people in contrast to the craziness of [twentieth century] living. We're not only disconnected from nature, we've disconnected from each other. We've lost our sense of community especially when talking about food. Living simply is a lifestyle of action and result. That's rewarding and us humans thrive on it. It's innate."
I finally got my hands on the Smitten Kitchen cookbook by Deb Perelman and it was as amazing as you would expect. Every single recipe had a story to go along with it and I literally read the whole cookbook. She has such an easy way of writing and cooking. You just want to go live in her kitchen and sample everything she is creating.
Personally, I've never had trouble eating fruits and veggies because I just love them all. I'm one of those weirdos who craves kale and will make a meal out of salad. So this cookbook, Eating in Color by Francis Largeman-Roth was extra inspiration for how to make simple, easy meals without resorting to a handful carrots and ranch dressing. Yes, I have done that. Don't these quinoa cakes with basil cream look absolutely divine?

I also read this little book, It by Alexa Chung. She is a model with a blog and this book was a collection of fashion tips including how to get out of a car while wearing a dress...something I definitely need to practice. There were drawings and photos she had taken and the book read a little bit like an art journal with a few important things to remember.
" As you grow older, it becomes increasingly important to take responsibility for your own destiny, and that includes setting yourself goals (no matter how big they are) and trying to achieve them so you can feel good about yourself."
(via Elisa Lazzaris)