September 18, 2014

The Art of Correspondance

This week I've been trying to get my wifi set up and that's been stressful. Not just because of the impending pile of schoolwork heading my way next week, but when internet is the only thing you have to keep you in touch with everyone you love, it can feel incredibly lonely when there is none. You feel disconnected and alone and slightly panicked. However, the one good thing that happens without internet is that I had plenty of time to write letters! I went to Paperchase and quickly realized that I would go broke if I bought all the cute cards I wanted to buy! Dangerous places those paper stores. So I took some sneaky photos of some of my favorite cards and decided to go the hand-made route. My favorite is the "raven about London" sketch. I'm easily amused by a good pun. But I also adore these postcards of animals in suits. Maybe it's because I'm missing my kitty but these postcards just made me smile. If you guys want to share some letters, send me your address and I'll put something in the mail for you!


  1. Your photos are lovely, it's sad that people don't send letters so much now, it always seems more thoughtful.

    Bethan Likes

  2. Aw, thank you Bethan! I agree...I love knowing what the handwriting of my best friends looks like.


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