October 28, 2014

Fall Colors in Bath, England

This weekend I finally got my fall colors! Bath is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect size for exploring in a weekend. Being out in the country made me realize how much I miss the fresh air and open fields. Living in London is incredible and I love it, but I am also excited for when I can start looking for a little piece of property and get my hands dirty. Also I want a beehive.
The book I read this weekend: Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. This book had me laughing out loud on the train. Her humor is the perfect amount of cynicism and sarcasm that most people don't understand. It's nice to know I'm not the only one.
Here is a sneaky little tip if you don't want to pay to go into a cathedral: if there is a gift shop at the exit, just pretend like you're shopping and slowly sneak backwards into the church. The ceiling of the Abbey is so pretty! This church had more tombstones than any I've ever been in and some of them were actually pretty humorous. In a dry, Old English sort of way.
If you love coffee, grab a cup at Colonna and Smalls. I can hands down say that their black coffee is the most complexly flavoured (yes, I'm starting to put "u"s in words) coffee I've ever had. It was delicious. Plus the whole cafe is adorable and the way they make your coffee looks like something out of a crazy lab.
After exploring the town, climb one of the nearby hills for an amazing view of the whole place. I learned that the whole town of Bath is a Unesco Heritage Site, partly because of its location. It is in the middle of cider country, so you could see orchards and chapel spires all spread out below you.
One of the highlights for me was seeing how a lock works! I was lucky enough to get to watch a couple boats start down the canal and I followed them down several locks just because it was so fascinating. Even though the drop in water can be as much as forty feet, it happens relatively quickly and everyone on the boat makes a party out of the whole thing.
Eat at the Blue Quail Deli, not only for the delicious food, but for the extremely charming owner who gets increasingly animated the more he tells you about the menu. I managed to eat there for lunch, grab dessert there one evening and then get breakfast there before heading back to London.
Stay at the Bath Priory for a truly lovely weekend getaway feeling. Even though the hotel/spa is a bit out of town, it's only a fifteen minute walk through a beautiful part to get right into town and if you get there before your room is ready, they will give you tea and biscuits.
Finally, visit the Roman baths. This is the only place in the UK where hot water comes out of the ground and it is fascinating the see how the Romans came up with a complex system to create an impressive spa. The audio guides are free and most amazing of all is the Bill Bryson commentary that is available along with the traditional facts. Plus you can try a cup of the warm, miracle-inducing water that comes out of the spring. It just kind of tastes like blood.

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