October 12, 2014

Fall Colors and Dark Humor

This morning I woke up with an ambitious to do list and the motivation to get it started. However, for no apparent reason other than the fact it knew I was a clueless girl living alone, the toilet decided to start gushing hugely unnecessary amounts of water. In the US, the water shut off switch is an easily accessible little handle that turns off the water with the greatest of ease. Not so in the UK. There is only a tiny, and in my case completely stripped, screw to turn off the water. Don't have pliers or a screwdriver? Then I guess you're going to be treading water for a while. England is cute and quaint but there are some things that just make me want to punch them all in the face.

Like bathroom light switches outside the bathroom. Who in the history of lighting thought that was efficient? Are there no jokesters in the UK? Or is this where the term "black comedy" comes from. Get it, because they turn the lights off on people in the bathroom? Ok.

The insane amounts of vacations very important people take. Like the person who is in charge of fixing water dripping from your ceiling and pouring out of your toilet. Try to contact him? He's out of the office for the next three weeks.

But my weekend wasn't all tears and leaking water! Saturday was a perfectly gorgeous fall day and I walked to Little Venice and found the ridiculously crowded Portobello Antique Market where faux fur coats and cheesy tourist stuff was piled high. I poked around the charming Clifton Nurseries and dreamed of the day when I can start growing flowers. What about you guys? What was the best part of your weekend?


  1. Awesome pictures. MB

  2. Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I want to hire you as my tour guide and bring your sense of humor with you! Violet


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