October 7, 2014

Send a Scare with Punkpost!

Sometimes I want to send a letter but then it takes me almost a whole afternoon to draw the card, write the card, go to the post office for stamps and then days later I'll find the card at the bottom of my purse, looking a little worse for wear and completely too late for the event. If you are looking to send some festive cards this Halloween then you absolutely have to check out Punkpost! This awesome site allows you to pick out the card you want, type out your message and then you're done! They do all the work for you like writing it, stamping it and mailing it. I love that unlike other e-card options, these cards are actually handwritten on really nice letterpress paper all for only $5. There are three sassy Halloween options and if you order them before the 10th, they guarantee all your favorite goblins will get the card by October 31! I'm so excited to type out some notes with these hilarious cards! What do you guys think of other people sending mail on your behalf? If you send any Punkpost cards, please let me know what you think of it!

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