October 23, 2014

Weekend en Paris

Last weekend I got to go to Paris, which was magical. I took the Chunnel because train travel is hands down the best way to travel. The weather was perfection and I spent three days walking my feet off, stuffing my face with buttery pastries and trying to practice my very rusty French! I have been loving the site Magisto for video editing! It is so easy and gives all my random video clips such a cool look! 

Mini love forever.
St. Eustace Cathedral. This cathedral was special because they had started repainting some of the walls to restore their former color.
Fall colours in the Luxembourg Gardens.
One of the oldest art stores in Paris- Sennelier, founded in 1887. Teeny tiny and smelling like oil paint, it was completely packed with every tool an artist could dream of. I could've stayed there all day playing with thick crayons and fancy pens.
I loved all the passages lined with gorgeous little boutique shops like this bookstore. They made the perfect escape for when it would start raining.
Took a river cruise at night to see the Eiffel Tower from a new angle.

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  1. Kate, I loved the Paris blog entry. You made our magical time, well, more magical. It is cool to to see what we all saw but from your creative eyes. Well done you.

    I hope you are enjoying your time with your mom. I look forward to your next blog entry.

    - Michelle


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