December 15, 2014

Letters From// People I've Loved

I discovered this little stationery company through their Instagram and instantly fell in love with their puns and adorable cards.
"People I've Loved 's works (or pressing issues) intend to facilitate the communication between real, tactile people. Not that we want to deny people their digital selves, we just think there can be room for both. We are “in search of the miraculous” yet tragic definition of what it means to exist, in this time and space. And feel that we should make time to share it."

Underneath that amazing mission statement, they put out an offer that if you email them your name and address, they will send you something real. I was instantly intrigued and sent them my address, but I didn't really expect anything to come of it. How wrong I was. Within one week, I got a hand lettered envelope that even had an extra drawing on it. Inside was a card, a hand written note and two adorable little pieces of their art. I was just grinning ear to ear and this was from someone I didn't even know. I think they sell their cards in a couple places here in London so I will definitely keep my eyes open.
I just love how much letter love I am seeing lately! The Free People blog just posted a piece about sending mail to any random address just to spark a connection or maybe gain some local knowledge of a place you're wanting to travel.

A Beautiful Mess has a subscription called Happy Mail where you get a monthly dose of cards, postcards and other stationery goodies. Their cards are all SO cute! I am seriously tempted to sign up.

And More Love Letters is doing 12 Days of Letter Writing for Christmas where you can write letters for people you've never met but whose stories will totally make you tear up.

Snail mail is coming back, guys. Are you inspired to write any letters this week? 

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