December 7, 2014

Weekly Goals// Stay Focused

This afternoon I went to a Christmas market in Belgravia and couldn't resist a gingerbread man. He was just so adorable, look at that smile! Note: he was also delicious.
This week, I decided to share my goals for the week. It helps to break down big goals into more manageable, week-sized pieces. Also, writing down your goals is a good way to stay accountable and stay focused. So, without further ado, my goals for this week:

  1. Make more art. Aim for at least 10 hours this week. I've gotten so carried away with Christmas crafty projects and I've been completely neglecting my "real" art.
  2. Practice French everyday. I've gotten hooked on the language app Duolingo and so I am working on brushing up my super rusty French.
  3. Finish one book. With sunset at 4pm right now, I can feel myself going into hibernation mode. Must fight the urge to fall asleep!
  4. Get up early. I actually love mornings the idea of mornings and having enough time to myself to journal, stretch, eat breakfast before class but somehow I keep finding my bed much more convincing.
  5. Finish virtual travel journal. This is a project I have been putting off for forever and I really want to just buckle down and knock it out because I know it will be so cool when I finish it!
Based on the pictures above, I should probably put "paint my nails" on my weekly goal list too...yikes. What are you guys working on this week? And advice on how to stay on track with those goals?

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